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Move Too Hot Company (International)
Hauptgeschäftsstelle / Headoffice
Burgkirchener Straße 64
84489 Burghausen

Reach us Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.
Office (Germany): +49 (8677) 881–6980
Office (Austria): +43 (720) 4444 22
E-Mail: office©

Managing Director, CEO: Patrick Grigo 
Registered at the finance office in Burghausen (Upper Bavaria)
Creditor-ID-No: DE 37ZZ Z000 0055 2979
Tax number.: 106 / 222 / 50263
UID-No: DE 232 640 539

Editorial office

Move Too Hot Company (International)
Photographers: Chris Hübner, Michael Fersch, mth Media, Franz J. Fahr, Mary Kwizness
Layout & Design: mth Media - advertising agency, movetoohot Creative Team

Copyright policy

The utilisation of photos, artworks and texts displayed on all sites of require the prior written consent of the owner. Further rights are reserved. You may not post, modify, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyright material, soundfiles, videos, texts, pictures, logos, artworks and designs. This also applies to the utilisation of online services or the inclusion of electronic data banks. Any distribution requires the prior written consent of the Move Too Hot Company (International).


1. Website content

This website composes the temporary status of a continuous working process. Although exercising due care in in the composition of the contents and services included on this website, the Move Too Hot Company (International) does not guarantee for topicality, correctness, completeness or quality. Liability claims against the Move Too Hot Company (International) referring to damages of material or ideational nature caused by the utilasation or non-untilisation of the offered contents and services or by the utilisation of incorrect or  incomplete information are generally excluded, provided there is no fault on the part of the Move Too Hot Company (International) caused deliberately or due to gross negligence. We reserve the right to change, to complete or to put out contents and services without prior announcement or to stop the offered services and publication. All offers are non-binding.

2. Links

Move Too Hot Company (International) is not liable for any contents of other websites linked with the owner´s website provided the Move Too Hot Company was not aware of the external websites containing illegal contents. We expressly declare that there were no illegal contents recognizable on the sites which were to link at the moment of setting links. We have no influence on the current or the future design, the contents or the creatorship of the linked sites. We therefore distance ourselves from all contents of linked sites which were changed after setting links. This declaration applies to all links set within the own Internet offer as well as  to all entries made by outsiders in our guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists. Only the owners of those sites are liable for any illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and damages caused by the utilisation or non-utilisation of offered information and not the person who sets the link.

3. Copyright and Trademark Law

All trademarks named within the Internet offer and  - as the case may be - protected by third parties are absolutely subject to the restrictions of the valid trademark legislation and to the rights of ownership of the respective registered owners. 

4. Data protection

If the Internet offer provides the opportunity of entering personal and/or business data (e-mail address, name, address etc.) the disclosure of such data on the part of the user takes place on an explicitly voluntary basis. The utilisation and payment of all offered services - subject to the condition that it is technically possible and reasonable  - is permitted without the entering of such data. The utilisation of published contacts such as addresses, phone and fax numbers or e-mail addresses by third parties for sending unsolicited information is not allowed. Legal measures against the senders of so called spam-mails are reserved.

5. Legal force of this liability disclaimer

This liability disclaimer is to be viewed as part of the Internet offering from which you have referred to this page. If parts or the individual provisions of this text do not, do not fully or no longer correspond to the applicable law the rest of the document remains unaffected in its content and validity.


This website was developed in collaboration with the agency mth Media ( ) and the media agency cc7 ( ) The website has been optimised for the browser systems Mozilla Firefox and Safari. This website can also be used with the Microsoft Internet Explorer, however, we do not encourage you to use that browser. For any further information please contact our service-team

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