Niels Robitzky aka Storm
Niels Robitzky whose artist name is "Storm" is a living legend in the Urban Dance scene and known worldwide as dancer and choreographer. With his skills, his huge knowhow and his great competence in dance he is an absolute expert in this field.

 Patrick Grigo aka Parrish
Since 1994 he has been active in the Urban Dance scene and the Hip Hop scene and is a passionate asserter of this culture. As trainer with a special eye for talents and young people with unique skills he succeeds in supporting the capability of each of his pupils and guiding it into the right direction.

 Kevin Gopie aka DJ Renegade
Kevin Gopie from London is known worldwide. As DJ Renegade he travels the world and shares his knowledge about the history of Hip Hop like only few others can do. He is one of the founders of the first Hip Hop formations in Europe. His excellent beats trace back to his time as B-Boy and Popping and Locking dancer.

 Monnir Biba aka Mounir
Mounir was born in Angers (France) in 1984 and started B-Boying at 13. He learned his basic elements from the B-Boys of the first generation of the Vagabonds Dance Crew, above all from Mohamed Belarbi, the founder of the Vagabonds.

 Miroslav Balog aka Goofy
Miroslav aka B-Boy Goofy is an internationally known dancer in the field of B-Boying and can already look back to numerous achievements in diverse battles and competitions. With his way of teaching he gives a lot of instructions and likes to share his own experience with his pupils.

 Marc Sleepwalker
Marc W. known under the name of Sleepwalker has received a number of awards for producing. He successfully produced for artists such as Xavas, Samy Deluxe, Die Prinzen, Panjabi MC, Absolute Beginner and a lot of more.


 Luigi Piccione aka Swan
Luigi Piccione aka Swan was born in the Italian city Tarent. Since 1999 he has been consecrating himself to Locking and Popping and ranks among the best funk dancers in Europe today. His desire to grow brought him to make unbending research about the culture and the history of these funk dance styles.

 Ivan Ososkov aka Alkolil, ExacT
In 2002 aged 12 he started B-Boying. At first his parents were skeptical but after some years of hard and unbedning training dancing became his job and gave him his independence.

 Lukas Steiner
This Austrian guy turned his passion for freerunning and parcouring into his profession. In 2007 he started for the first time for the Red Bull Art of Motion. Since then he has been under the top 7 in international competitions.

 Nikola Balog aka DJ Moooka
He started his dancing career in Germany in the year 2000. When he went back to his homeland Serbia he joined the dance group Boogie Company. After founding the "Unbreakable Crew" he discovered his passion for dj-ing and became one of the most popular djs in the Balkans.

 Denis aka THE.K
He is a passionate dancer and is know as THE.K. He started dancing at the age of 13 and developed his unique style on many international tours and battles.

 Federica Loredan
With much love and dedication the Italian dancer and choreographer Federica shares her knowlegde with her pupils. She is well-known for her remarkable house dance and dancehall style and succeeded in many battles such as Just Debout or HDE.

 Roxanne Milliner aka B-Girl Roxy
She is one of the best b-girls in the world and is known for her incredible freezes, her flexibility as well as her sovereign and effortless performance in a circle and on stage. With her enchanting nature and an endless range of overawing moves she delights the audience again and again.

 Elisabetta Di Carlo aka Betty Style
The Italian dancer Betty Style is not just known in her homeland but has also made a name for herself internationally. She is a dancer, choreographer, actress and tattoo model and has worked together with big artists such as Ciara, Ludacris, Jamiroquai, B-Real and Sean Paul. In addition she danced in music videos and live on stage at the VMA\'s Video Music Awards and the Vibe Awards in Los Angeles.

 Maja Kereš
Maja is a professional dancer who was born in Rijeka, Croatia and is now living in the US. Her education started early, initially with ballet classes, then continuing with modern jazz, contemporary and urban dance styles. Being a member of the Dance Groupe Flame for 8 years she could gain a lot of experience in performing, teaching and choreographying which then led to different engagements and working opportunities with several top Croatian artists on stage, on tours and in music videos.

 Miriam Link aka Miri
Since she was a child she has been crazy about dancing and after graduating from school she decided to complete an apprenticeship in dance. She always focused on her own personal and thus a very special style and together with her crew she won several German competitions.

 Dax OCallaghan
As the front man of the British boy band "Lexington Bridge" Dax made his dream come true. The talented dancer and choreographer has developed an incomparable Newstyle and staged big productions like "Souldiers" in London.

 Deborah Dorzile aka Daybee Dee
She was born in Paris and is a unique dancer and choreographer who has already performed with big artists on stage. Her repertoire ranges from Hype, House, Waacking to Samba, Salsa, Dancehall as well as to further African and Latin-American dance styles.

 Christina Hambuch aka Mary Kwizness

 Dominik Fahr aka PeeWee

 Jaroslav Rotormel aka Monkey J

 Celina Mayr aka Cel

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