Aims & Visions

Our team of the Move Too Hot Company (International) primarily strives to support young people in their individuality, creativity and their joy at dance and music.  We motivate young people to make a difference, to accept a challenge and fulfil it responsibly. 

In this case the focus is on research, development, exchange and communication. The dance and the music of the Hip Hop Culture are hereby an unmistakable and a highly visible tool through which young people get heard and seen. 

We live and impart the Hip Hop Culture with the unique slogan since its beginning „Love, Peace, Unity & havin Fun“ and persue the objective to prepare young people through integration and encouragement of personal strengths for the live in the here and now.

+ this festival provides a free and open-minded place
+ each participant is very welcomed 
+ we give the chance to practice with experienced and famous teachers 
+ participants have the opportunity for exchange and communication
+ each participant is a person, not just a number 
+ we set goals and try to make a difference 
+ our team consists of people who live for what they do 

Such a concept lives from the community, trust, authentic ideals, supporting people and the goal to create something wonderful and be successful with it.


The Creative-Team
Move Too Hot Company (International)


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